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Building Your Dream Home!

Wendt Construction works closely with the client to design and build a showroom house that will fit the specific needs of each buyer. Home buyers are not limited to pre-selected models.

Our professional staff will help you through the entire process of building, from finding the right lot and designing a great floor plan, to guiding you through the financing and other aspects of actually building your dream home. If you want a contractor who will build an affordable quality home that you can be proud of for many years to come, look no further!

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Watershed Repair

Bull Creek drains an area of twenty-eight square miles in Northern Coastal California. The summer flow is less than a quarter cubic foot per second, but in December of 1964, a strong winter storm caused a discharge measured at 6,520 cubic feet per second, almost three million gallons, or 11 million liters, per minute! Given this extreme difference in flow, it is important to keep this stream within its banks. The area it flows through is the home of majestic redwood trees.

A large area had eroded and was exposed to the water's scouring effects. The main road was threatened as well as a large open area visible in this photograph. The weight of 6,250 cubic feet of water is over 200,000 tons. This much force impacting the bank constantly would erode it in minutes. First the bank had to be prepared for rip-rap rock placement.

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